The Fun For Wellness team is headed by University of Miami Professor Isaac Prilleltensky, who is an expert in the field of well-being, and by Michigan State University Professor Nick Myers, who is an expert in research methods and statistical analyses.

If you are interested in reading more about the approach used in Fun For Wellness, you can read The Laughing Guides, authored by Isaac and Ora Prilleltensky. The books combine humor with science to promote happiness and health.


Fun For Wellness has been evaluated in two randomized controlled trials. The first one was with a population of healthy adults, whereas the second one was with people with obesity. Findings from both studies indicate that FFW is effective in improving subjective well-being in different areas of life such as psychological, interpersonal, and physical. In addition, FFW was found effective in helping participants take concrete actions to improve their well-being, enhancing general and specific self-efficacy, and increasing physical activity. Finally, FFW was also effective in improving physical and mental health status.

Please review the following papers that describe the Fun For Wellness research studies:

  1. Efficacy of the Fun For Wellness Online Intervention to Promote Multidimensional Well-Being: a Randomized Controlled Trial

  2. Well-being self-efficacy and complier average causal effect estimation:A substantive-methodological synergy

  3. Efficacy of the Fun For Wellness Online Intervention to Promote Well-Being Actions:A Secondary Data Analysis

  4. Effectiveness of the fun for wellness web-based behavioral intervention to promote physical activity in adults with obesity: a randomized controlled trial.

  5. Effectiveness of the fun for wellness online behavioral intervention to promote well-being and physical activity: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial. (BMC Public Health. 2019;19:737. PMID:31196052)

  6. Accelerometer-based assessment of physical activity within the fun for wellness online behavioral intervention: Protocol for a feasibility study.(Pilot Feasibility StudID:31164990)


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