Wellnuts, LLC is a small company focused on developing fun games that promote multiple domains of health and wellness, such as physical, economic, interpersonal, psychological and occupational wellness

Meet the Team :

Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky
Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky is the Vice Provost for Institutional Culture at the University of Miami. Isaac holds the inaugural Erwin and Barbara Mautner Chair in Community Well-Being. He has published eight books and over 130 articles and chapters. His interests are in the promotion of well-being in individuals, organizations, and communities; and in the integration of wellness and fairness. Among other honors, he is the recipient of the 2011 "Distinguished Contribution to Theory and Research Award" of the Community Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association, and of the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award in Prevention by the division of Counseling Psychology of APA. Isaac is a vegan, fitness aficionado, and humor writer. His humor columns have been published in The Miami Herald and Miami Today.

Adam McMahon
Adam McMahon is a graduate of the University of Miami with a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science. Adam is responsible for developing the online components for Wellnuts, LLC. His interests include developing large scale real-time interactive applications that promote health and wellness. Adam also holds an MA in Biblical Studies and is interested in how religion and spirituality play a role in wellness and health.

Contact : adam@cs.miami.edu